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No money down ... it’s possible

bridging finance Dec 10, 2017


At a recent property meet the subject of using an unencumbered property as security for Bridgers came up.  Is it true that you can get 100% finance by using the house you’re buying and your unencumbered house as security to get the deposit money and refurb costs from the bridging?


Yes, it is perfectly possible to achieve this using bridging finance.  In...

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What is a Ninja Investor?

ninja learning Nov 30, 2017

A Ninja is a person skilled in ninjutsu, a Japanese martial art characterized by stealthy movement and camouflage.  So a Ninja investor is someone who buys property using stealthy movement and camouflage.

The keys to success are knowing things that others don’t and being able to do things that others can’t.  Match these with a positive mind-set and the willingness and...

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6 steps to getting a better valuation

strategic planning Nov 20, 2017

When you’ve refurbed your property and are looking to remortgage, you have a challenge.  If you’ve bought within the last year or so, the lender’s valuer will be focused on the sum you paid for the property.

It doesn’t matter if you paid 30% less than the identical house up the road went for – they’re only interested in what you paid, not what the...

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Two into one won’t go

bridging finance Nov 10, 2017


If we were purchasing a property for cash would it be possible to purchase using two bridging providers to provide 100% of the purchase price?

The first one would have the first charge and the second would provide bridging on a second charge basis (such as Precise) and both forwarded amounts would be combined to form a 100% cash purchase.

The intension here isn't to deceive either...

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No cash? No problem!

When you’re buying property as an investment you need capital to put down a deposit – and then it’s locked into your property for six months or more, until you can remortgage.

With this approach you’ll be lucky to manage to add two properties a year to your portfolio, unless you have a very big nest egg.  The do you want to lock your capital into a mortgage? ...

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Opportunities you should not overlook

strategic planning Oct 20, 2017

Are you looking out for unmortgageable properties with problems that you can solve? They’re lucrative investments if you know how to leverage them – and with smart financing, using bridging they are great opportunities.

These are all great for intelligent investors, but mortgage lenders won’t touch them.

  1. A derelict property
  2. Properties where part of the building is in severe...
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Avoiding the ‘six month rule’

ninja learning Oct 10, 2017


If I buy a property for cash through a Limited Company, does the 6 month rule regarding remortgaging apply?


Some lenders choose to apply a 6 month restriction, whilst others don’t.  Actually, it isn’t really a rule, just a restriction, but it has commonly become known as ‘the six month rule’.

For those lenders that apply it, the point to get...

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Retirement properties – a good deal?


Do you have experience with renting Retirement properties?  Is it a good idea to buy a flat at the seaside and rent it as a retirement property?


There are two issues here:

  1. Renting properties that are part of a retirement complex.
  2. Buying a flat and renting it to a retired person – or people.

Number one is a great idea if you have cash to burn! No mortgage...

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Getting the most for your money

strategic planning Sep 20, 2017


Does bridging lend enough to cover the purchase price and the refurb cost?  If not, how can you get the maximum amount of funding?


Most bridgers lend 70% of the purchase price, but a handful lend 70% of value. This is great if you are buying below market value (BMV) as you can use the discount towards your deposit, but to buy with no money down (NMD) you would need...

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The risks of buying a non-standard construction property

strategic planning Sep 10, 2017


I’ve just been offered an HMO in need of some work.  There's about £20k in the deal, and it could be flipped or end up as NMLI (no money left in), but it's a Wimpey no-fines house, i.e. poured concrete construction.  I have heard that Birmingham Midshires lend on these, but considering an exit strategy (immediate or in future) is it wise to go down this route?...

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