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Faster, faster

buy to let Jun 20, 2019

Property investment takes time. 

If you put down a 25% deposit and get a buy-to-let mortgage for the rest that’s the first step.  Then you probably need to do some work on the property to improve it and wait until you’ve owned it for six months.  Only then can you apply to refinance it with a different lender and get a proportion of your money back out.

What’s frustrating you about this is the length of time it takes.  It usually takes the best part of a year to complete this cycle. 

None of us have a bottomless pit of cash.  Even those who start with a big cash pile can find it quickly locked up in property.  Perhaps you’re worried that you’ll run out of cash before you’ve built the size of portfolio you need to achieve your financial goals. 

Imagine for a moment that this is not your reality.  How would it feel if you knew little-known, almost secret, ways to buy property that needed much less cash and you could recycle your cash much faster?

If you currently have a property in mind for your next purchase, or expect to do so in the coming weeks, just think what it would be like if, this time, you knew how to borrow 90%, 95% - even 100% of the purchase price – would you consider that to be a game-changer?

What sort of advantage would that give you over other investors, who are also interested in buying the same property?

Picture, for a moment, that in the specific area you buy property you are the only one buying property this way.  Would that give you a decisive edge over other investors?

The question is – how do you move yourself from where you are right now to where you want to be?

Your current level of knowledge got you to where you are now.  However, what got you to where you are now is not going to get you where you want to be anytime soon.  Clearly new knowledge is what you need. 

The ability to master how to recycle your cash is that game changing skill.

Imagine what it would be like to move your cash, as seamlessly as possible, from one project to the next.  You’ll maximise the amount of cash that stays in your bank account and minimise the money trapped in each property. 

Mastery of recycling your cash is a gateway skill.  Once mastered it will open up a raft of new strategies that are unexplored territory.

It’s universally acknowledged that cash buyers get the best deals – and this is something that transcends property.  As my old Dad used to say whenever he was given a price for something he wanted to buy “How much for cash?”

In property terms cash buyer status means that you have a bank balance well into six figures, hundreds of thousands of pounds.  If you are like most people it would take you many years to acquire a bank balance of this size.  But there are other ways to be able to buy like a cash buyer - and the right kind of bridging finance can set you free to operate just like that.

You’ll be able to buy more properties, faster and without needing that huge bank account to get you started.  That’s why recycling your cash is the fast-track to property investment.

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