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About Kevin

Kevin Wright has been described as ‘outrageously positive’ – partly because of his positive approach to property finance, but in 2016 he applied his positive strategies and took just two months to beat cancer.

He tackled his first refurbishment project in 1983 and purchased his first investment property (they weren’t called ‘buy to let’ back then) in 1985. His very successful Recycle Your Cash programme has helped thousands of people to develop their property investments.

He has been giving financial advice since 1992 and his chosen business niche is to focus solely on clients who invest in property. His unique approach has helped many property investors to grow their portfolios much quicker.

"I could have settled for helping investors to broker their deals using my knowledge of the great finance products, but I felt there was a bigger game to play and decided to teach others the secrets of inspired funding for property projects."

Kevin believes that everyone has the potential to do whatever they set their minds to and for property investors that’s about learning how to harness the advantages that cash buyers have. You can do more with less if you know how.

On this website you will find masses of information on creative finance and aspects that align with it. There are a hundred plus blogs that you can explore, so whenever you have some spare time, grab yourself a coffee and delve into this mine of information.

If you want to learn more join Kevin on one of his webinars, Masterclasses, online training programmes or live weekends.


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