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‘Property is for mugs’

Anyone who isn’t familiar with property investment will tell you that it’s the quickest way to lose your money or to get stress overload.  However, that doesn’t explain why so many people are serious property investors.

The tax regulations for landlords and investors have changed over the past few years and it’s important to abide by the rules to protect your investments - and your profits, but that doesn’t mean that property isn’t profitable.

The secret is to have the right knowledge of how to fund your investments and - even with the tax commitments - still make a profit.  It’s no different from any other business.  Tax rules are changing all the time, not just for property investors, but for any business owner, the secret is to be smart.

There are many different strategies that property investors pursue, some focus on one, others on a combination of two or three strategies.

For instance you might consider:

  • Buy to let single residence properties
  • Buy to convert and let, buying single residence properties or larger buildings like pubs or commercial properties suitable for conversion to flats or HMOs
  • Buy to sell, buying properties in need of a refurb to upgrade
  • Buy to sell, buying properties at auction to resell
  • Serviced accommodation.

These are just a few strategies, there are many more.  The secret in any investment is to carry out your due diligence to ensure that there is a profit in the deal.  This means you’ll need to work out exactly what you’ll need to put into it to still make a profit, whether that’s time, money or effort.

If you enjoy dealing with people and are happy to manage your tenants then buy-to-lets may be a great strategy for you.  However, if you’re not a people person you may prefer to do the property up and either sell it or have it managed for you.

Everyone is different so it’s worth talking to a few investors who use different strategies to find out more about how they work.  One thing that is common to all, though, is that you’ll need to know how to finance your investments in a way that makes you the best profits in the shortest time.  That’s what will make you a Ninja Investor.

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