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Leveraging your equity

bridging finance Aug 10, 2020


If you own a property that was mortgaged and not owned outright, could you still put that as security for a bridging loan?


This is a good question and a good opportunity to examine what I teach on the Ninja Investor Programme. The answer is ‘yes’, but let me explain more.

An unencumbered property is highly advantageous if liquid cash is not available or is...

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What makes a perfect HMO?

hmos Jul 25, 2020

When you’re starting out on the journey to become a landlord, houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) can appear to be a goldmine. Everyone knows that when a four-bed semi becomes an HMO, the rental income is likely to be much higher than it would be when you let it as a house-share or a family home.

So what’s to stop you simply charging four separate tenants per room?

There are...

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The perils of JVs

bridging basics Jul 10, 2020


Property can be so stressful and emotional sometimes. One of my investors has pulled out for personal reasons and the vendor wants to complete early next week. It’s a good deal, but it looks like I’ll lose my deposit - any ideas?


When you enter the game of playing with private investors, you have to take on the chin that you are dealing with individuals who...

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5 steps to successful bridging

bridging finance Jun 25, 2020

Most property investors rely on mortgages to purchase properties.  Bridging as a means of financing a purchase tends to be treated with suspicion; it’s unknown territory.

The problem is that most people take their knowledge of mortgages and apply it to bridging and that’s where disaster lurks!  Here are five core facts about bridging.

1. Interest rates

With a mortgage, the...

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Improve the property, improve the valuation


There’s a house I have seen, it’s a three-bed house on a street that consists of just three-bed houses all around the £92k mark

Except there is one house on the street that’s had a really good loft conversion that’s added 2 bedrooms and another bathroom and it sold a few months ago for £165k

If I buy a house on this street and do a conversion to...

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Choose your property investment strategy

strategic planning Apr 24, 2020

When most people think of property investors, they think of buy-to-let landlords - but there are many different strategies to generate an income from property besides that.  Let’s look at a few of these:


Also known as ‘flips’, this strategy involves buying properties with a view to reselling them at a higher price.  In its purest form this strategy...

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Second charge borrowing to expand a portfolio

bridging finance Apr 09, 2020


I have a property worth £170K with a mortgage of £105K.  How much would I be able to borrow on bridging finance for another property?


The first important thing to consider is what the second charge bridging market looks like.

Not all bridgers lend if you cannot offer them a first charge.  You can’t do that, because your mortgage lender already...

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Cash buyer territory

bridging finance Feb 25, 2020

If you’re nowhere near being in the position to buy properties outright, read on - there’s a way you can benefit from all the advantages of being a cash buyer, without having a huge wad of cash.

Cash buyers have advantages:

  • They don’t have to mess around applying for and getting approval for a mortgage
  • They don’t have to do battle with the mortgage lender about whether...
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What kind of property company do you need?

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020


Our visit to our accountant had an unanticipated outcome.  We wanted answers to somewhat we saw as basic questions.

What kind of company do we need (LLP or LTD) in order to buy a commercial property and use it as serviced accommodation (plus rent out the shop underneath)?

Can we operate under one company only if we develop a mixed portfolio of R2R SA, buy-to-let and commercial...

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Is a JV a good strategy to raise a deposit?

strategic planning Jan 25, 2020

Joint ventures (JVs) are suggested by many property training programmes as a means for an investor to gain momentum and build a portfolio faster.  It cuts down the ‘saving up’ period considerably, depending on how much your partner is willing to put into the pot.

However, a joint venture partner must fulfil certain criteria for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to consider...

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