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We have 5 BTL properties on mortgages.  We have used all our funds for the deposits on these houses and now have about 50k left.  We want to continue to grow as proper investors. What are our options to continue to move and grow? 

We would like to buy and renovate a property, but not really sure how this would work as the property we are considering has no heating system and no kitchen so we’re unable to get a mortgage on it. 

Is there a solution and a way forward?


The model you have used so far is useful but flawed.  For exactly the reason you now understand, it eats up all your cash until you have nothing left to continue buying more properties to continue growing your portfolio - I often describe this as running out of cash before you run out of ambition

What's the answer? A radical re-think on:

  •  The condition of the properties you buy 
  •  The sellers you buy them from 
  •  The way you finance the purchase 
  •  The way you refinance them.

This is more than strategizing, it’s a whole concept. 

I have seen it described as momentum investing, more commonly buy-refurb-refinance (BRR), sometimes with an additional R or RR tagged on the end or - as I have described it for the past decade - Recycle Your Cash. 

This uses different ways to describe how you master pulling most/all of your cash back out of every property you buy to give you the cash deposits to keep on growing your portfolio.

A multitude of investors have used this concept to springboard their property investment career to greater heights - you can too.

To make this work you need to understand and embrace bridging finance as the means to purchase each property until you have enough cash in your bank not to need bridging.

Of course, you can always find a rich benefactor to fund your purchases, but in the meantime, bridging is how you buy dilapidated unmortgageable properties to fix up.

I have a YouTube channel devoted to this subject with 100+ videos of free content to enlighten you on this process.

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