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What every property investor should know

strategic planning Jun 25, 2021

When you invest in property you’re purchasing a very high value asset - and there’s the potential to make big profits - but also to make big losses.

If you’ve got a nest egg you probably know it’s not going to grow much sitting in a savings account in your bank, so what do you invest it in?

You could buy stocks and shares, artwork or antiques - but to do this...

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Choose your property investment strategy

strategic planning Apr 24, 2020

When most people think of property investors, they think of buy-to-let landlords - but there are many different strategies to generate an income from property besides that.  Let’s look at a few of these:


Also known as ‘flips’, this strategy involves buying properties with a view to reselling them at a higher price.  In its purest form this strategy...

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Is a JV a good strategy to raise a deposit?

strategic planning Jan 25, 2020

Joint ventures (JVs) are suggested by many property training programmes as a means for an investor to gain momentum and build a portfolio faster.  It cuts down the ‘saving up’ period considerably, depending on how much your partner is willing to put into the pot.

However, a joint venture partner must fulfil certain criteria for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to consider...

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Investing an inheritance

strategic planning Jan 10, 2020


John will be inheriting £250,000 shortly and wants to be able to generate an income of £30k per year from property.

He doesn’t have an income or anywhere to live, so will need to plan out the best way to leverage this nest egg.  Ideally, he wants to get a steady return and pay for a place to live. With some BTL experience previously, what would you advise?


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The formula for success

strategic planning Sep 25, 2019

Successful property investment depends on knowing your stuff.  Going on what someone else has suggested is like doing business in a new country without doing any research!

When it comes to funding your investment you need to understand what a good deal really looks like and where to get the funding that allows you to work your way.

There’s no short-cut to doing due diligence

When you...

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Do your sums first

strategic planning Jul 30, 2019

When you’re setting out as a property investor it can be easy to get carried away, especially if you decided to buy at auction.  If you want to make a profit and see a good return on your investment you need to how to work out the maximum price you should offer - before you leave home!

This isn’t a global exercise, you’ll need to do it for every property you’re...

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Your property ‘little black book’

strategic planning Jul 20, 2019

If you’re serious about being a property investor you need to know the right people – so you need to work on building a strong network that you can call on when you need them.

If you’re just getting into property then it’s worth attending your local property networking events.  You’ll meet other people who ‘get’ property investment and a...

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The Purchase Price vs The Value

strategic planning May 20, 2019


If you’re negotiating delayed completion so that you can do refurbishment after exchange, if the purchase price is £65K and the refurb costs are £10K, but the value after works is £85K, can you apply for a mortgage against the full value (£85K) even if you’ve exchanged at £65K?


The biggest obstacle you face, is that at point of...

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Are you ready to be a portfolio landlord?

strategic planning Apr 20, 2019


How can I learn about the pitfalls and benefits of making the step up to a Portfolio landlord?

I have been advised by my mortgage advisor that there are additional challenges gaining finance once you move to this and I am almost there.


Any mortgage broker should be able to explain how applying for a mortgage as a portfolio landlord differs.  They should know what...

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9 strategies to finance your property purchases

strategic planning Apr 10, 2019

The obvious way to purchase an investment property is a buy-to-let mortgage.  This is great if you’re building a property portfolio and intend to have a mortgage for a long period and pay it off over time.  

However, some investors aren’t buying to let, they may have a buy-to-sell strategy or buy to convert to alternative use – for instance to an HMO, commercial...

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