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What every property investor should know

strategic planning Jun 25, 2021

When you invest in property you’re purchasing a very high value asset - and there’s the potential to make big profits - but also to make big losses.

If you’ve got a nest egg you probably know it’s not going to grow much sitting in a savings account in your bank, so what do you invest it in?

You could buy stocks and shares, artwork or antiques - but to do this successfully you’d need to either get an expert to do your buying and selling or you would need to do some serious learning to be able to make good decisions about what to buy and where and when to sell.

But everyone knows property prices tend to rise consistently - not withstanding the occasional recession.  Does that mean you don’t need to do all that learning in order to succeed in property?

**** This is where a metaphorical klaxon starts to blare!!! ****

If you’re thinking ‘How hard can it be?  Save up a deposit, get a buy-to-let mortgage, find a property to rent out, buy it, put a tenant in and sit back and wait for the rent to roll in’, stop right there.

Every step of that process is fraught with pitfalls.  If you think that investing in property requires less knowledge and expertise than buying artwork or trading on the stock market, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The smart property investor gets educated

If you want to make really good profits from property you need to learn the best strategies, discover the secrets the experts have learned, find out how to leverage your investments without risking losing them altogether.  

Like any other career you need to invest in your own education.

Of course, some people have done it the hard way and started out with a single property that they’ve rented out and continued to save until they have enough for the next purchase.  But that’s the long way around and unnecessarily tedious.

As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’ and you don’t need to spend years saving up a 25% deposit if you know how to use smart funding.

You can’t start with nothing, but you might be surprised how little you could get started with - and how quickly you can get your money out of one property and move on to the next.

With even a modest nest egg you can use strategies that will grow your cash pot fast.

With the right learning you can:

  • Know where and how to source the best deals, buying properties well below market value
  • Be able to turn a refurb project around before completion
  • Check out all your figures to ensure the deal is really as good as it looks
  • Get funding that doesn’t lock your capital up for years
  • Understand how to buy (and how not to buy) at auction
  • Choose strategies that fit well with your approach - whether that’s standard BTL, R2R or HMOs/serviced accommodation, commercial/residential conversions - or simply flips.

 The nitty gritty is that every property investor should invest in their learning.  It will deliver a huge return on your investment.

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