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buy refurb refinance Jan 25, 2021


That’s not a comment on the weather - it’s the acronym for Buy, Refurbish, Refinance.  It’s the hot topic in property.  

The concept is to buy a property that needs doing up at a relatively low price, refurbish it - probably a new kitchen and bathroom and maybe a coat of paint throughout - and then refinance at the uplifted value.

The challenge for most...

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How to refurb before completion

buy refurb refinance Dec 10, 2020


Can you use a bridging loan to exchange on a site, do the work and complete after the sale? In other words, delay completion using a loan to do it.


I have been teaching exactly this strategy for years at my Ninja Investor Programme.  I call it the 100% refurb strategy, because you rarely end up borrowing less than 100% of the purchase price when you use it.  We...

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