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Bridging for investors

bridging finance Apr 25, 2022

There are many different types of bridging loan - the secret is knowing the difference and ensuring you get the one that best fits your investment.

Despite most people’s response to bridging being a sharp intake of breath, followed by the observation “Isn’t that expensive?”, bridging is actually a very effective way to finance an investment and has all kinds of...

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Cash buyers only - or not?

bridging finance Dec 25, 2021

If a property is advertised as CASH BUYERS ONLY do you skip past it or take a closer look?
If you’re in the fortunate position of having enough cash to buy properties outright you’ll know that there are some great bargains to get. Cash buyers never pay full price!
However, if your cash pot isn’t there yet, you may see properties tagged CASH BUYERS ONLY as not for you.

In a...

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Investing in Property With a Windfall

bridging finance Aug 25, 2021

When you get an unexpected windfall, especially a substantial one, it’s not going to earn you anything sitting in your bank account.  If you’re into property - or you see it as the means to get into property it’s easy to get carried away.

For arguments sake, let’s say you’ve just got £200K land in your bank account.  If you mention ‘I’ve...

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How to assess a good cash deal

bridging finance Jul 25, 2021

Everyone expects to get a better deal if they’re a cash buyer and it’s certainly possible to get some great property deals if you can offer cash, but it is heavily dependent on two things -  

  • Finding a motivated seller - in other words, someone who just wants to get the property off their hands
  • Finding a property that isn’t easily mortgageable

The seller


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Can you get 100% bridging finance?

bridging finance Jan 10, 2021


Can you recommend somebody who can help me with 100% bridging finance?


If you mean where you put nothing into the deal, that is not how bridgers work, except in exceptional circumstances. They always want a safety net built in so they can sell off the property quickly, if they need to, and recoup their money. 

This means for virtually every deal you need to put up...

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Property: a side hustle or a full-time career?

bridging finance Sep 25, 2020

A property career often starts as a way to supplement your full-time income, these days known as a ‘side hustle’ or ‘the 5-9 job’. 

Some people keep it that way, finding a couple of properties and letting an agency manage them, so the rental income pays for holidays and the occasional new car.

Some start off with that intention and then get bitten by the property...

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Too good to be true?

bridging finance Sep 10, 2020


I am about to view a two-bed apartment, which has a low asking price and an impressive yield.  What are the pitfalls to watch out for?  Is it hard to raise finance for this kind of purchase as a buy-to-let (BTL)?

This is one of a row of flats that are above commercial properties, mostly shops (this on is actually above a kebab shop).  There is pub next door....

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‘Honey, I shrunk the deposit!’

bridging finance Aug 25, 2020

When you’re ambitious about your property career, but your bank balance isn’t quite ready to start buying properties, it can be frustrating.  You want to get started, but saving that all-important deposit to get started is holding you back. 

After all, there’s only so much money you can put away each month - and if you’re in a job with a family to look after,...

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Leveraging your equity

bridging finance Aug 10, 2020


If you own a property that was mortgaged and not owned outright, could you still put that as security for a bridging loan?


This is a good question and a good opportunity to examine what I teach on the Ninja Investor Programme. The answer is ‘yes’, but let me explain more.

An unencumbered property is highly advantageous if liquid cash is not available or is...

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5 steps to successful bridging

bridging finance Jun 25, 2020

Most property investors rely on mortgages to purchase properties.  Bridging as a means of financing a purchase tends to be treated with suspicion; it’s unknown territory.

The problem is that most people take their knowledge of mortgages and apply it to bridging and that’s where disaster lurks!  Here are five core facts about bridging.

1. Interest rates

With a mortgage, the...

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