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The pros and cons of becoming a cash buyer


We are working towards being able to buy houses outright with cash either to do up and sell on, or to rent out and remortgage later. 

Other than the obvious benefits of potentially getting better deals by being a safer bet for the buyer and not having to deal with things like bridging interest rates can you offer any guidance on the pros and cons of using this method?


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Time to remortgage


The lender I’m with has revised their lending criteria to exclude the mortgage I have had with them and I’ve reached the end of term and need to remortgage.

The property is a studio flat with 63 years lease remaining, value £65k with 40k outstanding, but it is less than 30sq m.

What do you recommend?


You have two problems..

  • A small space
  • A...
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No proof of income - how do I buy more properties?

I own outright two properties, which are rented out; both are worth £85K and both yield 9.5%. I've owned them for four months they have been let for two months. I have no proof of income as I've just started doing this full time. Can I get a BTL mortgage for these properties at a competitive rate anywhere, or do I need to wait six months and go through TMW?

The wider...

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How do you unlock funds for new property purchases?


I have a BTL property owned for 3 months which has 2 years ERC on it so I don't want to remortgage, but can I use the property as a security to buy another refurb property.  The property was originally purchased on a 75% LTV BTL mortgage, but has been re valued after refurb works and is now at 57% LTV.

Ideally I want to get on with buying and refurbing another property which...

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Buying at auction - but not completing


What happens if you don't complete on time when buying at auction?


When you bid for a property and your bid is accepted you have made a commitment to purchase; to all intents and purposes the property has been sold to you and you will have to pay a 10% deposit at the point of sale.  If you fail to complete by deadline date, the vendors solicitor will give you...

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Do I need a professional valuation?


I am currently going through a remortgage on one of my properties to release some equity to buy two further properties. 

I have a good idea that I have valued the house right myself from the research I have done and as such I have submitted this number to the mortgage provider. 

Should I have got a professional valuation first to avoid the risk that the valuation comes in...

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Valuing a refurb

I'm finishing up a refurb in sunny Coventry. The valuer is going round in about week, any tips to get the maximum value? And has anyone used a home staging company to dress a house & was it worth it? 

This is my recommended step-by-step approach:

  1. Make sure you are present at the survey
  2. Provide highly detailed works schedule
  3. Give plenty of 'before' photos
  4. Have details of comparable...
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Unmortgageable properties


I have 3 ex-council flats in concrete blocks with no mortgage on them. I have tried to get a mortgage but cannot find a lender who will lend on them. I want to use the money locked in the flats to buy more property, can you teach me how bridging finance works and if that would be applicable to these flats?


Perhaps it might help if I gave you a few simple facts about bridging...

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