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Teflon coated beliefs

mindset Oct 20, 2019

The property investment industry is surrounded by doubting Thomases.  These are the friends and family who think that, while it was easy to make a fast buck prior to the credit crunch, property is now a mugs game. 

These people are not property investors - and never have been - but they know someone who lost their shirt.  Or more likely, someone who has heard of someone who lost everything from property investment.

I’m not pretending that nobody ever lost money on property, but then people lose money on poor investments all the time.  The secret is to learn how to do things right, follow the practices that successful investors use and invest your time in discovering the tried and tested techniques.  That’s all logical stuff - you wouldn’t expect someone to jump into rocket science without studying and learning for some time.

However, there is an additional attribute that good property investors share - a strong belief in their ability to make a profit and succeed in the investment strategies they’ve chosen.

Belief is a funny thing - you don’t have to start out with Teflon-coated beliefs in your ability.  You’ve heard the phrase ‘fake it, ‘till you make it’?  It’s true!

It’s a case of educating your unconscious about what you want to manifest so effectively that it actively helps you to get what you’ve taught it to believe.  Sounds complicated?  It’s not.  It’s simply a case of using your imagination.

Invest time in imagining the results you want.  This needs to be crystal clear, detailed and very specific.  The more often you do it, the stronger your unconscious mind will become in moving you towards that outcome.  It becomes reality in your mind and your brain will work towards making the actual match those strong images.

This is what I call a positive mind-set - it’s not an accident or something your were born with.  It’s something you choose to have.

There are a few things you can do to help yourself succeed.

  1. Write a detailed description of what your property success looks like. What you see, feel, hear and what’s in your bank account, the properties you own and/or let.  Read it daily first thing and before you go to bed.
  2. Spend time with like-minded people who share your vision. They’ll encourage and support you.
  3. Don’t talk about property with people who will try to shoot you down. I’d recommend not spending time with people like this, but if they’re good friends or family members, that’s not always possible.
  4. Set yourself goals and turn them into a ‘things to do’ list or ‘action plan’.
  5. Take action. Nothing will happen if you don’t!

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