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Success means taking action

mindset Jan 20, 2019

My interest in property started when my mother bought me a book about property as a birthday present; it was called Property Renovation Profits.  It’s a gift that changed my life. I read the book and I did what it said in the pages. I followed the instructions to a tee: I bought property, renovated it, and sold it for a profit.  Then I was fired up enough to do it again. 

It sounds so simple putting it this way: my Mum bought me a book and I took action. That really changed the direction of my life.

The first property I bought was just a house that needed doing up.  It was a Victorian semi, and it was in poor condition.  I organised people doing the work, added value, and then I sold it for a profit.  I took it all in my stride, although it wasn’t particularly easy, it was achievable.  I went to a bank to get the financing – you could do that in those days!

When I ran out of money for investing, I took a break for a while.  I’ve never been full-time in property and I never intend to be; I’m a broker and I’m an educator.  That’s what I’m best at.

I’ve been running my education business many years now, teaching people how to finance their properties creatively, looking beyond the bank or mainstream mortgage lender for financing.

The Ninja Investor Programme gives property investors three days intensive training where they learn every step of the process of being able to buy more properties, using less of their own money and making bigger profits. 

One of the benefits people get by participating in the Ninja Investor Programme is that they get to redefine how they finance buying a property. They tend to think that buying property requires you to put 25% down, borrow the rest on a mortgage, and then wait a standard six months to try and arrange refinance in order to get as much of your deposit out as you can.  That’s the way most investors do things, and while it works for some, there are limitations to this approach.

  • You’re limited to the types of property you buy because they have to be mortgageable
  • You’re limited as to the value of property you can buy because you can only buy what you can afford to put 25% down on
  • You’re limited by the timeframe because you can only progress as quickly as a mortgage company can process the application.

I teach people that you can buy property without being reliant on mortgages, which means you don’t need to put 25% down if you know how.  You can complete the transaction much faster—in as quickly as twenty-eight days or less—no matter what the condition of the property you want to purchase – and I teach people what is worth buying and what isn’t, even if it’s considered ‘unmortgageable’.

With creative financing, you have no restriction on the type of property you buy. You can put less cash down in order to buy it and get your cash out much faster.  If you’re interested in finding out more check out the Ninja Investor Programme here.

Remember – if you don’t take action, success will stay beyond your grasp!

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