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Several heads are better than one

mindset Dec 28, 2020

Property can be a lonely world; non-property people tend to foresee doom and gloom about the property market; other people in property are chasing the same deals as you are.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right environment, you can learn from your peers - sharing experience and helping each other to avoid pitfalls and discover some of the smart property moves that make your investment grow faster. 

You’ve probably heard the acronym ‘T.E.A.M’ - Together Everyone Achieves More.  Working with like-minded people, who get what you do and feel the same way about property investment, means you make better investments and your decisions more robust.

It’s not true that everyone is out to grab your opportunity before you can get your finance lined up.  In fact, I’ve found that when investors have settled on a strategy and come across a property that doesn’t fit their strategy, they’re happy to give other investors the heads-up.

Obviously, there has to be trust and a level of understanding between investors for this to happen and that’s why it’s important to get to know other investors.

During the pandemic restrictions of this year, property networking groups have either moved online or gone into ‘pause’.  It’s much harder to have a chat with another investor over coffee and then follow up with a 1-2-1 at a later date.  Everything happens on Zoom and the informal chat parts of meetings get lost.

Over the years I’ve set up various forums and groups to give investors somewhere to meet and work with like-minded professionals.  Currently these include:

The Recycle Your Cash Facebook Group

The Ninja investors private group (only for qualified Ninjas)

The Ninja Aspirers mentoring group

The Ninja Achievers Mastermind

And - right now a new low cost subscription group has just launched - The Fiver Tribe (just £5 a month) packed with advice, offers, shared knowledge and opportunities.

Don’t try to struggle on alone when there are people who ‘get it’ around to help you.  Together Everyone Achieves More!

You can learn more here:


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