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Property success is all in your mind

mindset Dec 10, 2018

Go to any property meet and you’ll find at least as many people who are ‘getting into property’ as those who are already successful.  A year down the line many of those same people are still standing on the starting line and haven’t got started yet.

What’s holding them back?

There are three things:

  1. Fear – of failure, but sometimes of success
  2. Indecision – about whether it’s the right route for them and what kind of property investor they want to be
  3. Procrastination – and we all know that tomorrow never comes.

Actually these are all around the same issue – mind-set.  If you’re suffering from any of these issues, here are some things to think about.

Often fear of failure is exacerbated by other people – not in property – telling you property is a mug’s game.  You can choose to believe them or you can decide that there are other people who have proven this is wrong over and over again. 

You can choose success rather than failure, but you need to believe in yourself.  If you go into it half-believing you’ll fail, don’t be surprised if you do.  When you’re focused on something – that’s usually where you end up!  Just make sure your focus is on the right goal.

Another way to help you to succeed is to spend your time with people who are doing what you aspire to – you’ll not only get a lot of tips to help you, but being around people who have already succeeded will reinforce your positive attitude.

Remember – FEAR is an acronym for Feeling Excited Anticipating Rewards!

If you’re suffering from indecision, remember that all things can change.  If you decide to start with a buy-to-sell strategy, there’s nothing to stop you moving into buy-to-let, HMOs or commercial lets – if you see an opportunity that appeals to you.  The secret is to take action.  In fact, this is related to number three too – procrastination.

I’ve seen some phenomenal successes – and these are the people that rolled up their sleeves and got stuck right after attending one of my workshops (or another property training programme).  Even people who didn’t have a nest egg to start buying properties, have found ways to get started and build their savings up, (often by using a rent-to-rent approach).

The longer you leave it, the less likely you are to take action.  We’ve all been there – we’ve seen something that looks really good, but something stops you taking action. 

If you don’t do it today you are always ‘preparing to’ rather than actually doing.  Imagine how much money could be stacking up in your bank account on every day you don’t take action.  Why wait?

Belief in yourself, belief in your knowledge and belief in the people you choose to learn from will all contribute to your success.  If you take the first step, the second one is easier – and soon you’ll be running.

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