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Inspired Funding

ninja learning Feb 10, 2019

When I teach Ninja Investors the secrets of funding their investments intelligently there are a series of steps and Inspired Funding is the first of these.  I created the Fast Funding Formula and it’s based on two concepts:

  1. Bridging finance is the key to a change of mind-set
  2. Lack of provable income and/or a poor credit history are not a barrier to borrowing, nor is lack of access to a large amount of cash

Using traditional funding to buy property the investor must save up a 25% deposit, find a lender who is willing to finance the rest and then their capital is stuck in the property.  Of course, it’s possible to refinance after six months when some refurbing has taken place, but most lenders don’t focus on the uplifted market value; they are more focused on the buying price.

To achieve accelerated investment you need inspired funding – which is rare.  The first step is to stop thinking about getting a mortgage and start thinking of funding your purchase.

 “But I have a poor credit record/no means of proving my income/not enough for a deposit” uninspired investors tell me. 

The inability to get a mortgage and an inability to borrow money are not the same thing.  The belief that you can’t borrow what you need is a limiting belief.

If you can learn how to invest in bigger, better, faster deals, without massively increasing the risk profile you’re taking on by doing so, why wouldn’t you?

All these excuses – and that’s what they are – can be overcome, if you know how.

Intelligent use of bridging finance is the way to buy properties quicker AND to make a much bigger profit from them.  Bridging has several advantages:

  • You can buy properties that you couldn’t buy any other way
  • You can buy faster than any other way
  • You can negotiate bigger discounts on the purchase price
  • Low income and/or poor credit is not a barrier to getting bridging finance
  • You can use your other low/no geared properties instead of cash
  • You can bridge creatively so you use less of your own cash.

Bridging finance is like a car; it can go from being your biggest fear to becoming your greatest asset.  It gives you freedom and mobility and no longer appears to be a liability.

So using bridging to fund your property investments is not ‘expensive’, it’s actually Inspired Funding – giving the cash flow and fluidity to buy more properties without tying up your capital.

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