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Changing your mind (set)

mindset Aug 20, 2019

The degree of success you achieve in your property investment career is determined by your mind-set; by your ability to take action, to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Education is vital too, as it gives direction to your actions, but that counts for little if you never put your knowledge into action.  

“To know and not to do is really not to know.”

So if you are reading this, having bought at least one investment property I congratulate you; you have already developed your mind-set in a way that the majority of people never do.  Even if you have yet to make that first purchase, but have begun educating yourself in preparation to do so, you have started to shift your mind-set.

You have made the first essential paradigm shift in mind-set that sets you apart from the majority of the population. However, to fully achieve your potential, to make all that you have dreamt about become reality, more paradigm shifts in your mind-set are needed.

I see many investors undoubtedly making progress and that’s good, but it’s like they can never get out of first gear.  This is because the confuse what they believe to be true with what is actually true.

One essential re-assessment is the belief you that need a lot of cash to be truly successful in property investing.

Property investment is not just for people who have substantial cash reserves – anybody can become a successful property investor with a relatively small amount of available cash.  To really succeed you need to know how to buy more property, faster, with less cash.

The secret is to think like a cash buyer – and to do that you need a powerful mind-set to enhance and expand what you can achieve – whilst also significantly reducing the time it takes to succeed in getting to your property goal.

Whatever you think it’s possible to achieve as a property investor – now is the time to wipe those self-limiting beliefs and discover the real facts to build strong empowering beliefs that will fast-track your journey to success.

I call it the transformation from a Mortgage Buyer mindset to a Cash Buyer mindset.

  • The Mortgage Buyer mindset is: put down your 25% deposit when you buy a property, spend more of your cash on the refurbishment, then wait several months before trying to refinance to get some of your cash back out.
  • Cash Buyers have a superior mindset to that: they buy property faster, they buy it cheaper, they buy property no other investors can even consider (such as unmortgageable properties) and they make bigger profits.

Almost every investor that has the Mortgage Buyer mindset has it because they don’t have sufficient cash to enable them to think like a Cash Buyer.  There is a simple financial structure that allows you to spring the Mortgage Buyer mindset trap – bridging finance.

Bridging finance allows you to make the paradigm shift by being able to mimic the ways that cash buyers buy property without actually needing to have the cash in the bank. You could say it’s ‘fake it ‘till you make it’, but it’s based on a sound basis that makes good sense.

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