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"Cash buyers only"

bridging finance Aug 10, 2019


If an advertised (e.g. on RightMove) property says ‘cash buyers only’.  Could you use a bridging loan and still be considered.  If so, do you need to tell the agent/vendor you’re paying with a bridge?


Your understanding is correct; bridging is equivalent to cash for this type of property.  Cash buyer only properties are great to target if you are using bridging.  Whatever the problem is, it is highly unlikely to deter bridgers from lending.  Lending on problem properties is bridgers’ bread and butter!

They will want to know

  • What the specific problem is that makes it cash buyers only
  • What you will do to resolve it
  • How you will pay them back.

Credible answers to all three gets you a loan.

The problem you have is that many agents don’t have a clue how bridging works, so they won’t distinguish between that and a mortgage.

One of my training modules covers exactly how to position yourself to agents/vendors for this type of property.  You need to make them aware that

  • You are a non-dependent purchaser
  • You do not need a mortgage
  • You can exchange contracts quickly to give the vendor certainty
  • You can complete within 28 days, or as fast as the seller needs
  • Proof of funds is available upon request
  • Your solicitor is on standby

We have brokered hundreds of bridging loans and I have been training investors how to do deals like this for over five years.

You can learn more here:


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