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‘Cash buyers only’

bridging finance Apr 30, 2018


Why do some adverts say cash buyers only? I want to buy a property for £99K and have £27K but it says cash buyers only! It’s a gem too.


You should embrace 'cash buyer only' properties like your long lost rich uncle.  They are serious money makers.

Cash buyer only' properties represent a fabulous buying opportunity

  1. That phrase puts off all mortgage-dependent buyers immediately, reducing your competition
  2. The owners know they can only sell to cash buyers and cash buyers are going to do what cash buyers do the world over, for any and every commodity, hammer down the price.  So the owners are already prepared to take low offers.

Why pay £99K for it?  Stick in an outrageous offer for £69K.  On the basis that

  • You don’t have to sell a property to buy this one
  • You don’t need a mortgage
  • You can exchange and complete in 28 days or less, if required
  • You can provide proof of funds on request
  • Your solicitor is on standby

£27K cash is all you need to buy this.  By using bridging finance you can operate exactly like a cash buyer,  Specifically, use a lender that will lend based on the £99k price, if that is the asking price.  They will lend you £63K, so, if your £69K offer is accepted, your required deposit is only £6K. You might have to pay a bit more, but you have the cash to up your offer a bit if need be.

I have been teaching investors how to but property like this for years.

We are doing a deal right now on a north east flat, value £55K, agreed purchase price £36.5K, deposit required £3K - yep only £3,000. 

Doing your homework

First determine what makes it cash buyer only.  Is it mortgageable, but the vendors just want a quick sale, in a matter of days or is it unmortgageable, if so why?

When you have a cash buyer only property, you need to ask four critical questions.

  1. Why, specifically, is it unmortgageable; what is the problem?
  2. Can you solve the problem?
  3. What is the cost of solving the problem?
  4. Can you add significantly more value than the cost of solving the problem?

The answers to these questions will reveal if you have a corker of a deal on your hands.

Bridging is the finance of champions when it comes to cash buyer only deals – I love 'em.

If need any help with your deal, just ask me.


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