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Kevin Wright Investing in property is an excellent way to create an income, but you need cash up front to invest - and then it's tied up for a while. This makes buying your next property a slow process (unless you happen to have a lot of available cash).

This programme short cuts that process short by showing you how to get your cash out quicker - legally, ethically and easily. The strategies work whether you want to buy direct from the vendor or through an estate agent. They work when you buy repossessions, buy or sell at auctions. They work if you want to buy nasty, smelly properties to refurb or nice properties from motivated vendors. You'll learn how to become a Ninja investor - one of the deal stealers.

The programme is a step-by-step guide to growing a property portfolio quickly without the hassle of constant cashflow bottlenecks.

You will find out how to:

  • Develop your own strategies and make them work effectively
  • Structure bridging loan arrangements that cost you nothing and allow you to steal deals from under the noses of investors still waiting for their mortgage arrangements to be finalised
  • Create accurate profit forecasts from each deal you embark upon.

The programme is unique and has helped dozens of property investors to grow a substantial portfolio. Will you decide to be another success story?

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What people say

Amazing day with Kevin Wright at Recycle Your Cash workshop. Fantastic content and all questions answered

- L.G.

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