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The power of belief

mindset Sep 20, 2019

If you’re just setting off on your property journey you’ll almost always meet people who will tell you that property is a mug’s game.  These people are not in property, but they’ve plenty of tales of disaster, bankruptcy and people who have lost their shirt on a property deal that went wrong.  They may even be your family and close friends.

Of course, you know that there are people who do well from property, but in the face of lots of negative input, you can be forgiven for being doubtful of your ability to make a success of a property career.  You may have heard the saying that, if you tell someone something often enough, they start to believe it.

So your choices are:

  1. Abandoning your aspirations to become a property investor
  2. Don’t tell anyone unless you are confident that you’re going to get positive support!

Even now I’m sure you’re thinking ‘there’s no smoke without fire’, but then there’s plenty of evidence that people succeed too.  What should you do?

You get what you expect

The secret of success is about belief.  If you set your mind on a particular outcome, you’re much more likely to achieve it. 

  • Discover the elements of success: Aim to meet people who have a successful property career and pick their brains about how they got from ‘just starting’ to ‘successful’. 
  • Learn to tune out negative input. You could stick your fingers in your ears and chant ‘la-la-la-la’, but even if you don’t, discover how to set aside negative comments. 
  • Get help. Enrol on training programmes that will teach you what you need to know.
  • Mix with successful people. When you spend time with people who are already successful (in property or anything else), their attitude will rub off on you.
  • Visualise success. Imagine yourself doing the activities that you know will work - and succeeding.  If your image of success is strong enough your subconscious will take you there!

Keep feeding your subconscious

These aren’t one-off exercises - and you need to try to do all of them rather than just pick one.  Remember your mind is like a juice machine - if you put in apples you won’t get orange juice out.  Make sure what you’re feeding in is what you want to get out.

Belief is a process of feeding your subconscious all the time.  At first it will be hard work, but after a while, thinking positive thoughts will become a habit.  Not only will this help your property career, but will influence your whole life.

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